REBLOG: Recommended Elephant Sanctuaries

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Elephant News Network

I recently started an internship at ENN doing research alongside the admins. I started this internship not knowing a whole lot about elephants and the cruelty that they face in the name of “entertainment” and “tourism”. I began researching and found horrific videos and shocking photos of the torture that these majestic animals go through for a “cute” Instagram post or a tick on someone’s bucket list.

The thing that saddened me though was how these people who ride elephants, bathe them, or watch them perform must actually care about elephants, or they wouldn’t have spent their money interacting with them; these people just don’t realize or want to realize that the activities that they’re participating in is actually hurting the elephants. This led me to wanting to find out where these people could have gone (or where you could go) to experience the majesty of elephants without harming them!

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