Trendy Business Trends are Trendy

Cross-functional teams are valuable because, as you can see, the cross-functional paradigm leads to many more arrows and brightly colored circles. OH. MY. GOD I hate trendy business trends with the intensity of a thousand white-hot suns. #wasteoftime #pureuncuthorseshit #probablywhyineverrosetomanagement "Hey, we're not selling enough of our product. I know! Let's call in an artist … Continue reading Trendy Business Trends are Trendy

Spot On

An orphaned spotted lamb has been adopted by a Dalmatian. The lamb, born on a ranch in South Australia's Barossa Valley, was rejected by its mother, but was quickly adopted by the ranch owner's female Dalmatian. The dog happened to be in season at the time, and hormonally-driven maternal instincts kicked in. The ranch owner … Continue reading Spot On