On Sale This Week – Edge and Attitude

Dear Marketers. Please don’t worry about “attitude”. I’ve got it covered.

My reaction when I see marketers throw around words like “edge” and “attitude”:

Boyfriend style eye roll

Also, I hate the term “boyfriend style”. Better, more accurate terms would be


Reviewing the Reviewer

We are not in Westeros
We are not in Westeros

Jeremy Regner wrote a recap of “Two Swords” (the first episode of season four of Game of Thrones) for the New York Times.

Now the Mother of Dragons (Emilia Clarke) is angry, and her untamable offspring are getting surly and massive. (Not sure if Westeros cows graze on pure H.G.H. or what, but that was some growth spurt.)

I think that if one is going to write a review with a smart-alecky attitude about Game of Thrones, one should be at least smart enough to know that Dany and her dragons have never been in Westeros. They are in Essos. (And we see them eating sheep, not cows.)