We are, like, totally civilized

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In the New York Times, Comp Lit professor John McWhorter is all like, When we Americans overuse the word ‘like’, we are totally civilized because the word implies hesitancy, and therefore, politeness. But I’m like, No. Hesitancy is hesitancy, not politeness. I’m like, I totally agree with Ted Gup that reliance on the word ‘like’ is just lazy.


One thought on “We are, like, totally civilized

  1. I’ve lived in France off and on for ten years and the French continuously say something akin to, “ahhhhh” but in the same way we use like. Je n’aime parle les nems mais, ahhhh, j’aime la cuise Indochinaise, ahhhh, quand meme.” I think it’s ubiquitous, I honestly do.

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