Product Review: Wrapster

Wrapster is a product from Quirky, the website for “socially developed products.” (Inventors submit ideas, site members vote, and the best ideas go to market.) I’ve tried other earbud organizing products and I’ve been disappointed. But I saw Wrapster in the grocery store last night and it looked appealing. It cost less than $7.00 and it’s made in the US, so I thought it was worth trying out.

As a storage solution, Wrapster is great. It keeps the earbud cords separated and untangled. And Wrapster’s center section has plenty of room for the volume control on my iPhone 4S earbuds. The only drawback: The weight. The product photos on Quirky show people wearing earbuds with Wrapster attached. But for me, Wrapster’s weight tugs down on the earbuds just enough to make them feel loose in my ears. But everyone’s ears are shaped differently, so you may have better results. The invention’s developers say Wrapster can double as a stand for the iPhone 3G or iPhone 4/4S (in landscape mode), so I’m assuming this is why it’s relatively heavy. I never use my iPhone this way, so the substantial weight is a negative for me. Nevertheless, I’m very pleased with Wrapster as an earbud storage solution, and I love the fact that it’s made in the USA. So I would definitely recommend Wrapster.

Go see Wrapster on Quirky

I also like Wrapster because when it holds my earbuds, it looks like one of the Martians from Sesame Street.


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