Product Review: The iOttie MiGo selfie stick


Upon first seeing the MiGo in its packaging, I thought it looked futuristic and stylish, like a well-designed industrial tool. When I took it out of the package and held it, to be honest, I was a little less impressed because the MiGo is made of hard plastic. It made me think of a Wii controller. The white color adds to that impression. But even though it’s made of plastic, so far the MiGo has been solid and durable. It does not feel cheap or flimsy.

The product design was a little different than what I expected. From the photos of the MiGo I’d seen on the web, I expected the handle to be a little bit smaller and lighter in weight.

The MiGo I got is about 8.6 inches long when folded down. When it’s telescoped out, the handle section is about 5.6 inches long. The circumfrence of the handle is about 4.4 inches.

The handle feels slightly large and awkward in my hand, and the shutter button feels too high up on the handle for my hand. But I’m a small guy with small hands. Also, when the MiGo is completely folded up, it still feels a bit large for taking with me on the go. I don’t know if it’s even technically feasible, but I wish the MiGo could be just a couple of inches shorter when folded up. I would be happier with a smaller MiGo handle that had no tripod socket. Honestly, I’m surprised that there is a tripod socket; I can’t imagine a situation where I would ever use this.

I was surprised and a bit disappointed that the cradle only moves on one axis. When my phone is in the cradle, I just “feels” like it needs to move around on more than just one axis to really adjust to my satisfaction.

I am not crazy about the Bluetooth connectivity in general. To get up and going, I feel like I have to go through a lot of steps and wait for what feels like too long for my iPhone 5S and the MiGo to pair up. This really takes the spontaneity out of picture taking. I have seen other selfie sticks with a wired connection, and that seems like it would be quicker to set up and get going.

Since the MiGo is Bluetooth enabled, there is an on/off switch. But I wish this switch were more clearly labeled. I can’t see the tiny letters unless I put on my glasses and turn on a bright light. It’s pretty inconvenient. After while I began to remember that the “on” position is toward the cradle and the “off” position is toward the wrist.

Alignment issue This is a very small quibble. But when the arm is full extended and twisted into the locked position, the cradle’s orientation is not lined up with the shutter button. In other words, if the shutter button is oriented up and down with my body, then the cradle and camera phone are now off kilter. [See image at left.] This feels odd. Again, not a big deal; it just feels strange to me.

I had never used a selfie stick before, so I can’t compare the MiGo to any particular product. But overall I’m pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a selfie stick.


Trendy Business Trends are Trendy

Cross-functional teams are valuable because, as you can see, the cross-functional paradigm leads to many more arrows and brightly colored circles.


OH. MY. GOD I hate trendy business trends with the intensity of a thousand white-hot suns.

#wasteoftime #pureuncuthorseshit #probablywhyineverrosetomanagement

“Hey, we’re not selling enough of our product. I know! Let’s call in an artist with an art degree and no sales background or knowledge of our sales process and waste his time trying to make him solve a sales problem!”

“That’s a great idea. But make sure you give the artist absolutely no warning that our company is even attempting this trendy business model in the first place. Just add him to a bunch of mandatory meetings and don’t offer any explanation or justification for wasting his time!”


Achievement Unlocked

Before and After pics of Rene
In November of 2012 I weighed around 183 pounds. I am five feet seven inches tall. So according to NHLBI’s BMI calculator, my BMI was 28.7 — officially overweight (and just a couple of points shy of “obese”). My doctor told me that my bad cholesterol was high and that I was at risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. So I set a goal to get down to the “normal” BMI range (18.5 to 24.9). I set my sights on 155 pounds, which would put my BMI at 24.3.

In August of 2014 I weighed 148 pounds.

Toddler with a look of triumph

On Sale This Week – Edge and Attitude

Dear Marketers. Please don’t worry about “attitude”. I’ve got it covered.

My reaction when I see marketers throw around words like “edge” and “attitude”:

Boyfriend style eye roll

Also, I hate the term “boyfriend style”. Better, more accurate terms would be